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New blog. It is all about lifestyle and culture. It is a beautiful culmination of my writing and content creation. Please enjoy. Thanks.

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Love and Distance

Love is like electricity and reacts in a similar way to distance. Electricity necessitates linkage and a point-to-point connection of two or more nodes to ensure connectivity on the electrical grid. Love works in a similar way in that it necessitates a tactile connection between two people. When these individuals are separated by distance, then […]


The Commercialization of Art

The commercialization of art, or the process of running or managing art principally for financial gain, is a phenomenon of the last few decades in sports and the arts. When art is commercialized and, in a sense, mass-produced with the intent to make money or to incur financial gain, then there is erosion in the […]



Vibes are interconnections between people of similar or different cultures, societies, and parts of the world. Vibes are like a global Wi-Fi connection, and the people feeling the vibe, the individual nodes, or devices. There is an unintended pun in the meaning of Wi-Fi, i.e., wireless fidelity. In the same way there needs to be […]



Picnicking or taking part in a picnic can be one of the most calming ways to spend some time with a loved one.  Setting some time apart to relax and share a meal in the open air can be beneficial in terms of health and mindfulness, especially now, as the world deals with the COVID-19 […]


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