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  A firewall is a protector from unauthorized access that is between a computer and the internet. Based on one’s configuration, the firewall controls access...
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Social Media Effects

  Sleeplessness In today’s world, we are more inclined, as social media users, to go to bed with our phones in hand. Here, we scroll down...
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Applications of Cryptography

  Digital Signatures/ Authentication Digital signatures and authentication are vital applications of public-key cryptography. For instance, if someone sends you an encrypted message, one that they...
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The Future of Cloud Computing and Operating Systems

  Operating systems can either be cloud operating systems, mainframe, desktop, or real-time operating systems. Generally, all types have the following components. The security that...
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  The unmanned aerial vehicles or drones that law enforcement such as the police department in Virtual City is looking into can be used to...
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      Edward Snowden first came to light seven years ago as a man conflicted with the heavy burden of choosing between a nation’s right to...