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Bees and Honey

  Bees are a marvel to the world and are at the forefront of ensuring that our world remains colorful and beautiful. Without bees, we...
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Authentic Africa

  Authentic Africa speaks to us as a people, as Africans who have lived in, continue to live in, and love our beautiful continent. I...
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  Prayer is the only form of direct communication that you and I can have with God. As we saw in religiosity, we are a...
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Climate Change

  Climate change is the topic of the decade, if not the issue of the century. History will not only judge our generation on our...
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Situational Awareness

  Situational Awareness is knowing where you are, for how long you are there, why you are there, and how to get out of...
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  Religiosity refers to a strong feeling or belief about religion. Religiosity became appreciated as a way that we humans connect with our spiritual selves...