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  Prayer is the only form of direct communication that you and I can have with God. As we saw in religiosity, we are a...
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Climate Change

  Climate change is the topic of the decade, if not the issue of the century. History will not only judge our generation on our...
situational awareness disaster preparedness personal security emergency preparedness emergency preparedness kit personal bodyguard disaster preparedness kit

Situational Awareness

  Situational Awareness is knowing where you are, for how long you are there, why you are there, and how to get out of...
religion spiritual supreme being belief faith


  Religiosity refers to a strong feeling or belief about religion. Religiosity became appreciated as a way that we humans connect with our spiritual selves...
evolution genotype phenotype genetics epigenetics inherited characteristics gene natural selection dna testing


  Epigenetics is a field of study that looks into changes in gene expression without alteration of the DNA sequence. Primarily, heredity is always appreciated...
living with less conservation environmental conservation perseverance consumerism save water water conservation energy conservation save water save life

Living with Less

  Living with less is all about learning to adapt. We should learn to adapt or risk facing ruin.  When times get hard, we should...