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Fighting Anxiety

  Fighting anxiety is a part of life, and life can entail numerous anxieties due to the perpetual fact that we humans do not have...
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  Innovation is at the very core of what we, as the human species, can achieve. Think of the telegram and today's instantaneous smartphone applications...
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Taking a Chance

  Life is a myriad of choices, and the ones we make can be just as impactful as the ones we don't make. Life can...
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  Bravery is at the cornerstone of development. As individuals, we can only be happy and prosperous if we are brave. We are humans, and...
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  Military conscription or a draft is the mandatory enrollment of individuals into the military. Since 1973, the military has been all-volunteer. However, an act...
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  Life is a gift, and to live and feel happy, we all have dreams that we seek to accomplish. These are deliverables that we...