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Losing a Baby

Losing a baby and the pain that comes with it cannot be put into words. Recently, John Legend and his wife Chrissy revealed that...
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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a kingdom in its very essence. It was a strong kingdom led by revered kings. Even having taken place millennia ago,...
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  Immigration is where individuals move away from their native countries and seek to settle in other countries out of need, war, and other negative...
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Love Yours

  'Love Yours' is a call to self-love and to love oneself and one's own life. Love your life because it is a gift from...
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Terminal Days

  Terminal days is a concept that encourages living in the now. As human beings, we are susceptible to falling ill and even losing our...
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Organic Living

  Organic living is embracing and adhering to a chemical-free lifestyle. It entails doing away with any inorganic food, chemically produced food, or food that...