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  Prayer is the only form of direct communication that you and I can have with God. As we saw in religiosity, we are a...
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Fighting Anxiety

  Fighting anxiety is a part of life, and life can entail numerous anxieties due to the perpetual fact that we humans do not have...
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  Instructions are directions or teachings imparted from one individual to another. Instructions get utilized to pass a message, lessons, and suggestions or ideas on...
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Personal Security

  Personal security is all about self-securing and minimizing risks of injury or accidents. It gets complemented by situational awareness, and an individual can ensure...
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Defeating Addiction

  As human beings, we are susceptible to undergoing tough times, and these times call for accepting that sometimes it is okay to be living...
parenthood, pregnancy, having a baby, raising a child


  Parenthood may be one of the most challenging yet satisfactory jobs in the world. I am not a parent, but I think there is...