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Terminal Days

  Terminal days is a concept that encourages living in the now. As human beings, we are susceptible to falling ill and even losing our...
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Organic Living

  Organic living is embracing and adhering to a chemical-free lifestyle. It entails doing away with any inorganic food, chemically produced food, or food that...
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  A craft or trade is an activity, pastime, or profession that necessitates skills, experience, and artisanship to create something meaningful, palpable, and tactile. Nowadays,...
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Mental Health

  Mental or cognitive health is a complex topic and entails numerous fields and sub-fields. Excellent examples include psychology and psychiatry. Psychology seeks to study...
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Classic Cars

  Classic cars are every enthusiast's dream. Having an appreciation for classic cars is a matter of taste and is mostly something that is only...
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  Microtargeting is a concept and a field in big data analytics, business intelligence, and predictive analysis. It works as a way that businesses can...